About Us

  Southern Zone Farming Sdn.Bhd. was established in 1992.

This company office located in Kampar, Kuala Dipang, Rock, Kampar, Perak. This company's business is the business of livestock farming based ducklings (layer duck and duck meat), poultry meat, poultry layer and freshwater fish such as tilapia, tongsan, rohu and catfish. Duck rearing activity and freshwater fish are in large quantities but the market not just in the local, it is also marketed to other countries such as Singapore.

The company has ten poultry farms located in the district of Kampar and Tapah, Perak and two were located in rural areas. Five company-owned farms have been successful in securing a certificate SCHEME Farm Practices (SALT) is (BEST FARM) in Malaysia and four of them were able to get the approval of the AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority) of Singapore and the export permit for the company code This production exported to other countries. All full-time farm operations.

Nutrition and hygiene factors are very focused on this company for all their products are quality and safety. Each food is given in different age groups. 549,548,504,415,404,402 and 415 are the codes of food for ducks and duck meat layer. Fresh duck eggs, salted eggs, poultry meat and freshwater fish is any product of this company.